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Welcome to LBMS a NJ SEO Company

Local Business Marketing Solutions (LBMS) is a trusted source as a SEO Company and Internet marketing service provider in New Jersey. Our NJ SEO Company offers a broad spectrum of cost-effective digital marketing solutions. We work with local businesses of all industries (Law firms, Mortgage Brokerages, Waterproofing, home improvement, plumbing, HVAC, etc.), who are looking to grow their revenue and gain a competitive edge on the web in today’s digital landscape. We are client-centric, performance-driven and focus our attention on delivering targeted solutions for our customers. Our combined talents and skills comprise of search, social, website and mobile; from search engine optimization to social media marketing and paid advertising, to designing responsive websites and building cutting-edge mobile apps. Our marketing tactics are a departure from the antiquated SEO and campaign management methods, that are no longer effective. We keep up with the latest internet marketing strategies so that you are always ahead of your competitors.

Marketing Is All About Perception.

If your company is “seen” everywhere; if people keep coming across your name; the perception is “You must be the best!” When that happens, instead of doing more research or calling more companies, your prospects stop. They‘ve found the company they want to work with – and they give you a call. Why? Because they’re convinced that you are the best. As a top NJ SEO company – we get these results for you!

LBMS uses online strategies to help you grow your business.

There’s no magic involved. Instead, we are a New Jersey SEO company that uses a combination of solid marketing processes and digital know-how to showcase your business/practice to your ideal customers when they need your services. How will they find you? Easy, simply use our website marketing services here in NJ.

Match Your Sales To Your Vision Of Growth.

Are you a personal injury or family law attorney looking for more customers here in New Jersey? Is your dental practice lacking the growth you envisioned? Maybe you are an HVAC company that needs help getting traffic to your website. Irrespective of what your business happens to be, if you’d like to double or triple your business and out-perform your competition, then you need to look into hiring an NJ SEO company that positions your business/practice as the go-to service in your industry. Our NJ SEO agency works with a variety of industries which helps us give you the best advice on how best to grow your revenue.


We adhere to four proven marketing strategies.

  • Reputation
  • Reach
  • Resell
  • Referral

Build a stellar reputation online. 72% of consumers say that they research companies through social channels before making a purchase

Reach customers outside your circle of influence. If your company is on page 1 of Google, you have a 95% chance of being found.

Increase sales from your existing customers. Make the most of your customer relationships results in more sales and increased revenue.

Get more referrals. We can show you how to gain quality referrals from your customers. Result: referrals spend more, convert better and shop faster.

Online Marketing Book

If your reputation was excellent, and the exposure that your company received was top notch; if you consistently got business from your present clients, and if your referral network kept giving – would you grow? Of course, you would. That’s how you recession-proof your business in today’s online marketing NJ world. And this Amazon Best Selling book helps you with all of it. Request your copy of our business building online marketing book today.

Who Is LBMS?

We are a digital marketing agency in NJ with expertise in website marketing. We know how to ENGAGE your audience and attract business. We apply current technologies to GROW your customer base. And we INCREASE your revenue by 25% within 12 months of working with us. Even better. We PROVE it to you. Our methods include analytics – so you know what’s working and what’s not.

Why LBMS NJ SEO Company?

That’s easy. We produce results for our clients. Simple as that. We’ll measure our success against ANY NJ SEO agency. That’s how sure we are. It’s our combination of skills that make us different. We’re experts in local online marketing NJ. And we know technology. Combine the two skills and we bring more business to you. It’s as simple as that.

Matching Your Business To The Right Audience.

Our NJ SEO firm uses innovative technologies, which can narrow in and reach your target audience. It’s all about connecting the right prospect to the right company/firm at the precise time your services are needed. We do it best. Learn more about what our internet marketing company in NJ uses to deliver more customers to you.


It all starts here. We can show you how. You get results.


A complete social media posting strategy executed by our team.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising to reach the right customer. At the right time.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Get found, and drive customers to your door.

Retargeting with Remarketing

Target customers who visit your website. Keep their interest!


It’s the HUB of your business. Leverage your brand.


Serve your customers more effectively and more quickly.


Automate workflow processes for effective management

We answer questions

These blog articles brought to you by an experienced New Jersey SEO company, are designed to answer some of the most frequent questions we hear from our clients. Take a look.

Get New Customers. Keep Your Present Customers.

STOP the frustrating loss of customers. Instead, turn your competitor’s clients into YOUR clients. Let’s talk. Let this NJ SEO agency help you figure out what you need to get more customers, produce more revenue and grow your business/practice!