3 Top Tips to Boost Your Website's Marketability

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3 Top Tips to Boost Your Website's Marketability

Are You ForWebsite's Marketabilitygetting These 3 Fundamentals of Your Contractor Website?
In today’s world, local contractors know the importance of having an online presence. Sales that used to only come from word of mouth or print advertisement have turned into sales that are generated through online contact. Having the right website that is SEO friendly will help to increase contact with customers which will lead to more sales. Today, we will discuss ways to increase your websites sales potential and boost your customer base.
Contractor marketing ideas that can boost your website’s appeal and ratability:
Get a Blog: Having a website is great but creating a blog that can mirror your sales on your site will be a great way to add a personal touch to your services. You can discuss the importance of your services and how you can help your customers get the roofing repairs they need, for example. Remember, a well-informed customer is much more likely to purchase your services.
About Us and Contact Us pages: Add some basic functions to your website that customers use to decide whether or not you are the right company for the job. An about us page (which statistically is the most viewed page on a website) is a great way to tell customers about your history and what kind of business you are.
Another feature that should be added to your webpage is a detailed contact page. This feature should be easy to find and includes not only your email but a phone number and fax number; so they can directly reach you. Nothing is more frustrating to a potential customer than not being able to find your contact information.
Directory Listing: Directly link your website to all of the major and local directories, so that potential customers can find you. This free advertisement is a great way to get your company name out there and will lead to more sales. Directories like the Yellow Pages and universal business listings are great places to add your company’s information that will link back to your website.
So why not take advantage of this free service that can really get the word out about your company?
Most contractors don’t have the time to put hours into building and maintaining an effective webpage that will be both SEO optimized and customer friendly. If you need a professional that will have your website looking and working great, contact us. We are a dedicated and experienced team of Internet marketers that specialize in building campaigns for local contractors.
We know the construction industry just as well as the marketing industry, and we can have more customers walk in the door so that you can exponentially increase your revenue and build up your net worth. If you are interested in more information about our services, please visit our website for a complementary no strings attached consultation. Click here and request your consultation.

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