4 Content Marketing Myths You Have to Stop Believing in 2017

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4 Content Marketing Myths You Have to Stop Believing in 2017

Content marketing, as a promotional tactic, has taken off in every industry throughout the world. It’s proven so effective, in fact, that over 75 percent of content marketers said they planned on creating more content in 2016 than 2015. For content strategies to be effective, though, you have to know what works. This means for effective content marketing in 2017, you must forget these myths.
1. Content Marketing Is Too Expensive
One of the biggest content marketing myths out there is that creating content is too expensive. In reality, paying writers, video producers or info-graphic designers is often far less expensive than traditional marketing endeavors. And since you can often re-purpose this content into different mediums, the same content can prove effective several times over.
2. Effective Strategies Produce Immediate Results
Another content marketing myth tossed around frequently is that results are immediate with great strategies. This is one of the biggest content marketing myths that must be overlooked in 2017. Even great content can take time to “make the rounds” and build significant social media and other interactions. Do not give up just because results don’t come overnight.
3. Content Should Focus on My Business
One of the most common myths believed when it comes to all inbound marketing is that each piece of content should focus on the business itself. While it doesn’t hurt to send out emails announcing upcoming sales, it should not be the primary focus of your content marketing strategy in 2017.
People are looking for value in the content they consume. They are looking for information that likely has little to do with your actual brand. If you can provide valuable information related to your industry, though, they will begin to recognize you as a thought leader. This in turn will bode well for your revenue in 2017.
4. Cheap Content Mills Can Produce Results
Some business owners go to low-cost content mills, get 10 blogs or articles written for a total of $70, and then become surprised when the traffic doesn’t roll in. While content marketing doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor, remember that you always get what you pay for, and nothing more. Either work with a reputable content creation site or hire a marketer who does.
Effective content marketing in 2017 can do great things for your business, if you let it. Luckily, this can sometimes be as easy as not letting preconceived notions block your path to success.
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