5 Site structural mistakes that you should avoid

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5 Site structural mistakes that you should avoid

When making a site , you must want for it to reach the front page of a Google Search. Well that is actually the first step in getting convertible traffic on the site and climbing up the pages of the Google results. After days and weeks and months of content writing and adding links and optimizing your site as per the Google algorithm your site may come close to getting to the prestigious front page, but won’t be able to appear there if you are making the following 5 Structural Site mistakes!

5 Site structural mistakes in seo
1. Site not made local:
If you deal with certain items that are required only locally, then you are making a huge mistake if your site is not optimized as per the local search trend. There may be some specific keywords that your local area uses, as most of the big search engines, including Google learn to differentiate between Global and Local keywords. Try to keep your SEO inclined to local language and keyword trend. You can take help of Local SEO Services which many firms provide.
2. Site Conversion rate is more important than visits:
Your visits may be quite high, but unless those visits make any conversion you won’t grow as a company or a service provider. You need to track which of your customers searched what to get there and what was the demographics of the people who converted and their language scale. Only then you can grow as a company. Imagine of it as a large store where a million people come, but no one spends a dime! At the end the traffic was useless.
3. Optimize for the Right Keyword:
Many people fall prey to this keyword trap where they use Global keywords for a local service, and use such words that will get hits on page, but the people who get to the site do not convert. Be as specific as you can and try to go for specific phrases and keep them in a manner that does not interfere user experience.
4. Not having Unique titles:
Many companies make a naïve mistake of having the company name all over of the website and every article has the same title and same description. This is a classic example of how a noob company works. Make each title and description as unique as possible.
5. Not using Call to Action buttons properly:
Another classic mistake that can be totally attributed to naivety, is forcefully putting a call to action button. For a reader just adding a random link to your ecommerce website is always annoying and chances of conversion is low. Try to make the Call to Action button as cohesive as you can. Eg: To know more about how do disadvantaged producer groups get their share in the market place. Click here
Good luck building your site and do check all the above boxes to ensure great results! To know more about SEO and how to make it work in your favor, get in touch with Contact us today.

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