Who We Are

Local Business Marketing Solutions (LBMS)

Effective marketing is about getting noticed and being remembered. LBMS helps you find the right audience, provides exposure for your products and services and manages a consistent plan of communication for your business. You reach the right people. They get to know your products and/or services. And they are reminded of your strengths consistently. When the time comes and they need your services, your company is the one they remember. You get sales.


It all begins with a discussion. We take the time to know your company, products and audience. We learn what your objectives are and how quickly you expect to grow. By researching all the factors, we employ strategies that will drive customers to your site. Using various technologies, we connect potential customers to your solutions, helping you qualify prospects and increase sales.

Improving workflow

We get to know your workflow processes. What are the bottlenecks in your strategic marketing plan? We find ways to clear those bottlenecks and make it easier to find prospective customers. In most cases, our work centers around your website. It’s the hub of your marketing efforts. We’ll work with you to create a new website or improve upon your present site. We’ll review the search engine optimization on your site and explain how SEO can help you get more customers. We also have designers and writers who can make sure your brand stand out from your competition. As you grow, you might want to add a mobile application, or Point-Per-Click advertising. Whatever your needs, we can help you put together an effective marketing strategy.

Our Clients

We work with local businesses throughout the continental US. These firms range in size from small entrepreneurs to large, multi-location businesses.

How We Work

We can be your marketing firm – planning and implementing your strategic marketing solution as needed. We can also support an in-house marketing team – adding technological know-how in critical areas. For small companies, we can develop a marketing plan for you and implement it as your budget allows. We help small companies grow by building their marketing plans step-by-step, project-by-project.

Measuring Success

The beauty of technology is the ability to measure success. Our digital marketing experts can provide analytics for every strategy we employ. We can refine and tweak strategies to create even more success. You’ll know what works, and what doesn’t. You’ll have real data to back your decision-making.

Are you interested in outperforming your competitors?

If so, let’s talk. We enjoy working with local businesses who want to expand their reach, grow their revenue and become the number one provider in your industry.