How to AMP Sales & SEO With Accelerated Mobile Pages

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How to AMP Sales & SEO With Accelerated Mobile Pages

You may not know it, but your web pages are FAT and seriously need to go on a diet. Today’s mobile users demand speed and AMP delivers it. WHAT exactly is AMP? Accelerated Mobile Pages are lean and mean version of websites for mobile viewing and they transforming the way that readers experience your website. So what are the benefits of AMP why does it matter to your business?
In October 2015 Google and Twitter launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages. They wanted a way for web pages to load fast for mobile users. AMP is a “lite” version of HTML that loads fast for smartphones. It helps mobile content to load quickly (up to 4 times faster) for the growing audience of mobile users.
Let’s talk for a second about mobile users
Fact one: 80% of your website visitors own a smartphone
Fact two: Smartphones are used 69% of the time to view web content, desktop viewers run second.
Fact three: Google runs the show for mobile traffic driving a whopping 96% of search traffic for smartphones.
Fact four: Experience a huge increase in overall user engagement on AMP websites including a lower bounce rate, an increase in pages viewed per session and spending up to 2 times longer on-page.
So, if you aren’t investing in mobile technology for your business, you are falling behind.
Who Needs AMP?
AMP is critically important for businesses who are content providers, bloggers or selling online. It allows mobile users to read your content easily. Plus it helps users find you easily in Google. Better rankings lead to more readers which leads to more prospects and sales.
AMP Seriously Boost Your SEO
According to Google, “Your AMP content could appear in Google Search results in carousels and rich results.” Imagine how having your latest article appear in Google’s Top stories carousel could massively drive exposure and traffic to your blog.
Why You Need AMP Now for your Business
Google is rolling out accelerated mobile pages in its mobile search results now. It affects how your mobile results work in 3 ways.
1) HTML lite that is fast loading.
2) Javascript that is compatible with mobile phones. Traditionally javascript will not function correctly on smartphones.
3) Improved content delivery. AMP pages have an improved content delivery mechanism that optimizes the delivery of your content for mobile users.
What Revisions Will Your Website Need?
You will need to:
1) Develop AMP versions of all articles and web pages
2) Create a mobile-friendly alternative for forms on your website.
3) Upload images in a way that is mobile friendly and loads fast.
4) Mobile-friendly versions of your ads that can be viewed on smartphones.
5) Update your WordPress blog with an AMP friendly plugin or custom coding
6) Ensure that the AMP version of the page is very similar to the regular version and user-friendly
7) Correct the tracking of AMP pages in Google Analytics for proper tracking
8) Know which pages will benefit most from being converted to AMP and which should be left as original HTML
AMP delivers huge benefits with fast loading pages, enhanced usability for mobile viewers, and more traffic — but only for businesses that convert their site to AMP.
Make Your Pages AMP Compatible Today!
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