Effective Twitter Market Research Strategies

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Effective Twitter Market Research Strategies

Twitter can be one of the most intimidating social media platforms for small businesses to utilize – what are you supposed to say? Who do you say it to and how often should you say it? Fortunately, market research on Twitter can help you and your marketing team optimize one of the most powerful means of engaging customers.
Here are some helpful tips regarding market research on Twitter:
Search and search again. Did you know Twitter has a search function? Start using it and see who is talking about the products and services you offer. What do they say about them? What are their pain points? Search for the conversations that are taking place within your target geo-locations and you can begin conversing with prospective clients and customers who are most likely to take advantage of your products and services.
Hang out with the A students. Another great feature is the Twitter Grader, which assigns users a grade from 0 – 100 based on a variety of factors such as how many followers they have, how often they Tweet and how often their conversations are retweeted. Use the Twitter Grader to find the “A” students and start engaging with them. This will grow your brand exposure and help you to cultivate a larger Twitter following of your own.
Familiarize yourself with backtweets.com. Do you wish you could know where all those shortened URLs are linking too? Backtweets.com is the answer. Twitter’s search function won’t be able to find most websites you search for because the addresses are usually shortened. With backtweets.com, you can search your brand – or a competitor’s – by domain to find out who’s saying what about whom.
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