Most digital marketers know WordPress is the way to go. Your pages are more easily found by Google and the site is easy to use for small business owners who aren’t super technologically savvy. However, there are a few simple tricks you can learn to effectively use WordPress to even greater advantage, which will pay off in terms of online visibility, ranking, etc.

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Using WordPress for Small Business: Learn a Few Tricks of the Trade

Here are some of the tricks you can use when using WordPress for small business.

Enhance your images. Looks are everything. Okay, not everything – but visual content certainly matters. We hear all the time how humans are visual creatures, and attractive graphics, images and videos almost always have higher click-through rates. WordPress has a default 90% setting for image display. You can change this by upping the 90% to 100% so your site’s images look 10% better than everyone else’s by using the following code:

add_filter( ‘jpeg_quality’, ‘smashing_jpeg_quality’ );
function smashing_jpeg_quality() {
return 100;

Time displays Twitter style. The ability to add date/time displays in an easier-to-read format (the same way Twitter does) has existed since WP 1.5 but is rarely used. This way comments and posts can say things like, “This comment was posted 2 months ago,” or “two minutes ago” for clarity. To do so, use this script:

$diff = human_time_diff( ‘2014-06-30 12:05:00’, ‘2014-06-30 12:10:00’ );
echo ‘This comment was submitted ‘ . $diff . ‘ago’;

// Output: This comment was submitted 5 minutes ago

Stylize author comments. Having your blog author(s) comments show up more clearly is important, especially for managing brand reputation. A regular comment box with a name/picture isn’t enough to necessarily show readers who the authors are versus “The Others”. You can fix this by styling any author comments as follows:

li.bypostauthor {

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