Traditional advertising has revolved around a company’s ability to put their messages into the consumer’s way, in the hopes of enticing a sale. The digital era has taken this outdated methodology and tweaked it. Now, one-way approaches are considered a nuisance; the goal is to engage customers to move them further through the sales funnel. Integrating social media into your business is one of the best ways to accomplish this.


How to Use Social Media as a Small Business?

Have you been wondering how to use social media as a small business? It can seem daunting for companies already feeling stretched at the seams. However, social media exchanges can be short and sweet, and there are plenty of professional digital marketing professionals who can help you along the way.

Blog. One of the most powerful marketing venues you have as a small business is your blog. Why? Because once you’ve identified your target market (buyer persona[s]) and have done SEO homework, you’ll know exactly what people are searching for online. Your blog’s job is to provide the information they’re looking for.

Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, etc. are another place where you will be found and where you can find others, to learn more about what your clients want to know, what they like and don’t like. The more active you are on social media sites, the more likely you will be found by web crawlers. Post regular and relevant content to remain in your contacts’ reference bank.

Email newsletters. Email marketing has higher click through rates, conversion rates and the best ROI when compared with other channels. Segment your contact lists to provide more specific and relevant content to your varied email contacts.

Don’t hesitate to hire professionals if integrating social media is a struggle for your business. Your investment will be returned in-kind.

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