Helpful Construction Marketing Tools to Use in Your Plan

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Helpful Construction Marketing Tools to Use in Your Plan

As you are probably aware, successful marketing for your construction firm requires a marketing plan. You can’t just dive head first into your marketing without some sort of strategy and goal. The following are a few construction marketing tools that will help you develop your marketing plan:
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Internet tracking tools – Obtaining information on your competitors is an important step in developing your own marketing plan. You can obtain data that tells you what strategies your competitors are using and whether they are working or not. This can be done with tools such as Google Alerts, which can track competitor brands, topics and keywords or Sysomos, which monitors social media activity and identifies keyword use in social posts.
SIC market segmentation – SIC, or Standard Industrial Classifications, allows you to categorize your customers for basic analysis.
Perceptual maps – Perceptual maps will help to analyze your brand by visually comparing you to your competitors, showing visual points of differentiation and comparing things, such as level of innovation and product range.
Growth share matrix – The growth share matrix will help you to analyze product lines or business units in order to allocate your resources. Using evaluations of market growth rate and relative market share, a graph will be created that helps to break down items into categories, such as cash cows, stars, and question marks, helping you to sort through your financing options.
Product lifecycle diagram – This tool helps you visualize the stage your product is in, such as the introductory stage, the growing stage, the maturity stage or the declining stage, and how it compares to your competition.
These are some of the construction marketing tools that you should take advantage of. For more ways to develop a construction marketing plan, contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions today to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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