Hopefully, your business is cashing in on the invaluable benefits Twitter offers in regards to keeping your products and services in the social media conversation. Google’s paying attention, and their algorithms are being crafted to give more ranking attention to companies who have the largest social media activity.




Many people are learning social media’s impact on businesses. When a company learns how to use sites such as Twitter, they can begin to see an increase in their organizations visibility.

If you’re a Twitter regular, you’ll appreciate these 15 helpful keyboard shortcuts for Twitter so you can save time and get back to the real work you do.

15 Helpful Twitter Shortcuts To Make You More Tweet-ficient

B – Block User (hopefully you will only have to use this one sparingly!)

U – Unblock User

F – Favorite (this one, on the other hand, is a keeper).

L – Close open Tweets

J – Next Tweet

K – Previous Tweet

M – New direct message

N – New Tweet (Keep ’em coming! The more you Tweet the more people you engage)

R – Reply (Do keep up the dialogue, it helps to bolster your brand recognition)

T – Retweet (This is a great way to spread industry-related news and to take a break from creating new Tweet content yourself. You can also add your own comments).

GA – Get straight to your activity page

GF – Go to Favorites (a quick GF will give you the fodder for your reTweets)

GH – Go Home (we all need to get back to where we started sometimes, eh?)

GM – Get your messages

GR – Mentions (find out who’s talking at our about you)

These keyboard shortcuts for Twitter will enhance your Twitter experience. Need a little more assistance? Contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions to learn additional tips and become a Twitter star. Give us a call: 888-416-7752