No matter how savvy you are about your company’s website design, keeping up with constantly changing website requirements (like adapting your site to be easily viewed on a smartphone) can be daunting for even the best website manager.

If you are managing your website in addition to other responsibilities within the company, you should consider the importance of a professional web design. Local Business Marketing Solutions will evaluate your current web design elements, such as:

  • Your logo and its link(s)
  • Viewing size that adapts to all browsers
  • Navigating options for ease-of-information viewing
  • Visual appeal and reading legibility (word and line spacing, size and fonts)
  • Effective use of color
  • Too much or too little or unprofessional-looking photography
  • Whether or not each page can stand alone, in case viewers did not enter through the home page
  • Call-to-action location on each page
  • Attractiveness and appeal of “send” or “submit” buttons

Local Business Marketing Solutions understands that your time is valuable. We will create a custom website design that is manageable and that will generate additional revenue for your company. A quote is free, so why wait another day? Call 240-242-4735 or contact us to learn more about the importance of a professional web design.