How Google Hangouts Enhance's Your Online Marketing

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How Google Hangouts Enhance's Your Online Marketing

Online marketing with Google Hangouts is becoming a useful tool for businesses to develop a rapport and build their brand presence while significantly increasing high-quality followers. Here are some tips and advantages of using Google Hangouts to increase your online presence:
Take Advantage of Double Exposure. The broadcasts you create on Google Hangouts are promoted on your Google+ account. On top of that, you can instantly save them to your YouTube Channel. Now, your single broadcast has double the impact power. Currently, YouTube has a wider subscriber base so it’s important to be seen there.
Invite Others to Participate in a Conversation. There are so many ways that you can use Google Hangouts to participate conversations with others – literal conversations. What if you personally invited some of your longest and most loyal customers and clients to hang out and have a question-and-answer session with you or other well-known industry experts? You could invite trending industry professionals or some of your closest network contacts to talk about the challenges and solutions they’ve encountered during their careers. There are all kinds of possibilities.
Host a Webinar. You can build quite a buzz when you decide to put your own expertise to work and host a Google Hangouts Webinar or recurring video series. You’ll be able to promote, share, invite and do all the things that boost social media engagement in general. Keep your topics interesting and relevant to build your following. It’s also a good idea to invite other well-known industry professionals as co-hosts or as featured spots, especially in the beginning. One you become a “thought leader” in your own right, people will begin inviting you to their Google Hangouts.
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