How to Encourage People to Download Your Mobile App

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How to Encourage People to Download Your Mobile App

Mobile marketing has become more important over the last few years as mobile penetration has increased throughout the world. The amount of people that own and consistently use mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, has become absolutely staggering, which means you can no longer ignore it. One of the best ways to implement mobile marketing is by releasing a mobile app. Of course, getting people to download your mobile app is easier said than done. The following are a few ways to get people people to download your app:
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Use Your Blog – Write a piece of content that influences readers to download your mobile app. Present a problem that your target audience has and how your app could help provide a solution to that problem.
Use Social Media – Share your blog on your social channels so that your followers will read and share it. You can also use your social channels to alert followers about your new app. Since your followers already have an interest in your brand, there’s a good chance they will try out your app.
Ask for Feedback – By asking for feedback from social media followers, you’ll show that you care about their input, which in turn helps make them more interested in trying out your app. Not to mention that positive feedback will convince others to try it out as well.
Get Third Party Endorsement – Promoting your own app doesn’t really sit that well with your readers, especially if it comes off as advertising. Find influencers within your industry and pitch your app to them in the hopes of getting a piece of content written about your app by a third party.
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