How to Improve the UX of Your Website

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How to Improve the UX of Your Website

Building a website today comes with many different challenges. Because the top spot on search engines like Google is designed for those who know how to follow the guidelines and rules of building a successful site, there is an art and science to creating and maintaining it. Particularly, when the developer and the website owner is focusing on improving a website’s UX.
That being said, here are a few effective tips that can be used today.
1. Must Be Mobile Friendly
Due to all of the latest enhancements in mobile technology and the web, website development and business mobile app development Maryland has changed signficantly. In fact, if a business does not have a mobile friendly website, they are currently being left behind. Based on information published by Google and the guidelines that affect its algorithm, sites that do not have mobile friendly designs are much less likely to get to the top of the search engines for visiblity. Therefore, one of the best ways to improve a website is to ensure it has a UX that has been made specifically with mobile users in mind.
2. Use the Right Colors
Many people have a favorite color that they like and they tend to use it whenever they can. Therefore, developers and site owners alike may also fall into this category by designing the UX with their favorite color. Even though the site owner and the developer do have the creative freedom to use any color that they desire, it is not always the best decision for a site’s design. Specifically, because the colors used have a certain psychological affect, and the guidelines that cover this part of the design have already been established in detail. For instance, if you want people to stay on your site for longer periods of time, blue is highly recommended since it has a soothing effect.
3. Add Videos
Even though some sites have lots of great images posted to keep the UX attractive, there are other features that can be added that will provide more engagement for the viewer. Therefore, if the owner of the site wants to improve the overall looks over their UX and keep their target audiences engaged, adding video in different places can help with accomplishing both.
4. Animation Should be added Strategically
There is a lot of cute animations that can be used to improve a UX. However, too much animation can be distractive very distractive. So, many of the professional Business Mobile App Development Maryland teams recommend adding animations sparingly. Specifically, in cases where the site owner wants to contact-us the user’s attention to a notification.

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