There are an outstanding number of generic, low cost tools available online to help you build a website.   And if you’re building your first lemon stand, many of these will get the job done just fine.  But if you’re the owner of a construction business that is looking to build a reputation that will stand the test of time, you need a website that not only looks good, but also, one that is functional and dynamic. A website that will…

Bring them in.
When people search for something online, they are instantly presented with 10 results out of hundreds. Out of those ten, the top 5 are the most clicked.   That doesn’t mean that people click on them and purchase their products or services, but simply that they click on them and enter the website.

Getting people to your site is the first challenge. Engaging them and getting them to start the purchase process is the next.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the special magic sauce that drives your website all the way to the front page when people Google your services.   And it is indeed magic because there is no specific formula that will guarantee results.

Local Search Optimization

Make them feel at home.
If you were contracted to build a road, only one thing would matter to most people – your ability to build a sturdy, smooth road that would allow people to get from point A to B in the easiest and most convenient way possible.   Well, guess what? The same holds true for your website. When people arrive, they want a clean, easily navigable site that will give them a clear picture of your services, your reputation, and how to contact you.  This sounds easier than it is. A poorly designed website can deter potential clients from taking the next step in hiring you.

Change the décor when necessary.
Every day your company works on a new and exciting project.   The economy drives material costs up and down, which in turn affects how you price your services.   In addition, the changing seasons bring about the need for new promotions and sales.  How often do you update your site to reflect these changes?  If the answer is “not very often,” how will people know what’s new with your business?  How do you hope to create new, long lasting clients?

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