How to use Social Media to Help Customers Connect with Your Construction Company

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How to use Social Media to Help Customers Connect with Your Construction Company

Social media is something that every business should be using. Believe it or not, but even as a construction company there is value in using social media. The use of social media in the construction industry can not only help increase brand awareness, but also to build relationships with your clients as well as future clients.
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When implementing social media into your marketing strategy, it’s important that you realize that you cannot measure its value in the terms of the bottom line. The use of social media won’t lead to a direct ROI. Look at the use of social media in the same way that you look at the use of your website. Having a website isn’t something that nets you a direct ROI; however, not having a website in this day and age is seen as unprofessional and causes your business to appear like it lacks legitimacy. Social media should be seen in the same way – and it will be in the next few years.
You’ll also have to consider what social channels to use. There are dozens upon dozens of different social media platforms. Which ones will be most effective for your construction firm? For example, LinkedIn is a site that helps find new associates for your business. YouTube is better suited for communicating with associates you already have. Facebook is great for engaging with current customers as well as obtaining new followers. Then there’s Twitter, which is a valuable tool for informing customers about everything from updates to projects and events.
Social media in the construction industry may not seem necessary at first, but you’ll find out that it’s an excellent way to increase exposure to your business and to communicate with your customers. Contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions to schedule a one-on-one consultation today to learn more. Give us a call: 888-416-7752

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