How You Can Network More Effectively on Social Media

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How You Can Network More Effectively on Social Media

Are you in a social media rut? Are you just starting out on the digital marketing pathway and looking for ways to network more effectively? Twitter and LinkedIn are two of the most effective social media networks when used regularly and creatively. Regular activity and/or citations on either platform will boost your position and facilitate the process of strengthening your company’s brand presence.
Here are some some tips showing you how to network on Twitter and LinkedIn:
Become an author. If you have years of experience in your industry, or have come up with break-through insights or have implemented procedures that have significantly increased sales, it’s time to get that word out there. Who knows? You may become the next industry expert and the more you write high-quality content, the more you will be linked to and cited on other social media sites.
Find your favorite authors. Don’t have time to become an industry expert author yourself? Find your own favorite industry authors. Who’s out there that has something great to say? Start commenting with your complements and additional points or observations, join their LinkedIn Network, follow them on Facebook, re-Tweet things you feel are valuable to your own network or use inspiring Tweets to create new Tweets of your own.
Use Twitter’s Keyword Search. Choosing which Twitter feeds to follow can feel like deciding whose conversation you want to eavesdrop on in Grand Central Station. Instead, use Twitter’s keyword search tool and start searching for Tweets that include keywords related to your industry’s issues or your target market’s pain points.
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