How You Can Use Pinterest to Help Your Small Business

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How You Can Use Pinterest to Help Your Small Business

PinterestPinterest is often defined as a social discovery tool, and it has become one of the most popular websites for individuals and companies seeking ideas for events and projects. Emily Schiola, a social media authority on how to use Pinterest for small businesses, recently shared some tips on how to get the most out of Pinterest:
Coupons: Everyone loves discounts, and Pinterest has printable coupons you can customize for your clients. It’s easy to offer coupons or discount promotions if you sell pizzas, but service companies like home improvement/repair can benefit from seasonal discounts for services like roof replacement, duct cleaning and landscape development. Homeowners need incentives to convert to energy-saving and eco-friendly upgrades, so dollar-off coupons are a good marketing tool.
Information Sharing & Brand Recognition: Link your blog posts on your Pinterest account for another means to cultivate new clients. Pinterest can advance your reputation as an industry information resource. It’s also another tool for promoting brand awareness through social media.
Think outside of the box: Think outside of the box on Pinterest! Are you a paint contractor? Share some fun and colorful craft ideas for kids, or create recipes named after some of your paints. You can create your own Fruit Shake smoothie recipe — Benjamin Moore Fruit Shake 2088-60 is one of the trending colors for 2014.
Use it or lose it: When customers read a posting on Pinterest, or a blog, and discover it’s old news, they might suspect you’re neglecting them. And worst yet, this view might sour their opinion of your business as a whole. Your goal on Pinterest is to attract and retain pinners, so keep an updated website.
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