Important Myths About Social Networking for Business

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Important Myths About Social Networking for Business

Are you wasting time using social media networking tricks that don’t work? That’s always the fear in a time when the “hows” and “whats” of social media marketing and networking are just being developed. Even so, here are few myths about social networking for businesses that we would like to debunk:
— Everyone’s on Facebook. The message we get is that everyone has active social media accounts. This isn’t true. There is a relatively large segment of the population who either isn’t active at all or uses it so sporadically that marketing to them via social media channels is ineffective. For this reason, SEO and ranking strategies are still critical to ensure you are found via search engines.
— No need for a website when you’re on social media. We see companies all the time who have bypassed a website, thinking their Facebook and Google+ accounts are enough. They aren’t. Someone looking for in-depth content about your industry, your business, your values, etc., wants something more substantial than a Facebook page. Your website lends more credibility. Plus, you get to create the rules when you own and run a website, while you have to follow the rules when using a social media platform to advertise your business.
— There’s no way to measure the ROI of your social media sites. This idea is simply not true. What is true is that you need to be creative about how you do it. You can set up a relationship between your social media sites and “Thank you for subscribing” pages on your website, and then use Google Analytics to track how many people have found you – or subscribed – via social media accounts.
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