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As a roofing contractor, it’s likely that your clients have very diverse profiles. Some may be repeat clients, making renovations to their roofs for aesthetic purposes, while others may be one time clients that have come to you during emergencies.  That your customers are different is both a good and bad thing.  It’s good because it means that you have wide population of people that can potentially use your services.  It’s bad because it makes marketing your business and securing clients that much more difficult.
Marketing for roof contractors, like marketing for any business or service, often times needs to be targeted in order to be effective. With your varied population of clients, this can mean spending a lot of money on different marketing initiatives.  So, how can you easily and effectively engage with clients in one fell swoop?
Electronic mail 
Yes, you read that right. Email can often times be forgotten when considering the wide array of digital marketing tools at your disposal.  Mainly, it’s because email is no longer the new kid on the block. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s old, it doesn’t have many mind-blowing features, and let’s face it, it’s not as sexy as some of the other digital mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
But did you know that email is still by far the most effective form of digital marketing?  When it comes to sheer value, customers who learn about a business via email are 11 times more valuable than those that come via another social media network (Forbes.com).
Email Marketing
Managing an ever growing email campaign gives you the opportunity to keep people updated on seasonal sales, new services, happenings in your business, roof maintenance techniques, etc.  But the real value comes from the fact that it’ll allow you to consistently nurture your relationships with new and existing clients, which is arguably the most important aspect of marketing for roof contractors. Remember, a customer might not need to replace or fix their roof today, but they might need to in a year or two. If they remember you because of the messages and valuable content you’ve sent them along the way, you’ll be the first person they think of when it’s time to make that all important decision of which contractor to hire.
 Email marketing: a science
There’s a science to email marketing.  When’s the best time to send an email? How often should you send them before you start overwhelming people? How do you know if people are opening and reading them?  Once your email list grows, should you create different versions specific to the different segments of your client base?  What messages will be the most effective?
Ultimately, there’s a difference between sending out a mass email with a generic message and creating a well thought out email marketing campaign that will drive business growth.  At LBMS, we specialize in such campaigns that create exceptional client-customer relationships.  Email marketing is just one of those services. To learn more and to receive a free guide on what systems we use to accomplish this, click on the link below.

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