Meet The Team

Frank Demming


AKA - The Local Business Guy

Rachel Demming

VP/Business Development

AKA - The Innovation Enthusiast

James Riddle

Project Manager

AKA - The Michael Jordan of Technology

Mary Jefferson

Lead Writer

AKA - The Content Genius

Sally Ford

Social Media Lead

AKA - The Socializer

Lisa Mitten

Content Curator Lead

AKA - The Investigator

Samuel Jones

Sales Manager

AKA - Mr. Persistent

Kristie Notto

Content Creator

AKA - The Informant

Rose Anne Huck

Graphic Designer

AKA - The Queen of Graphics

Jennifer Flynn

Sales Strategist

AKA - The Balance Maven

Leanna Glenn-Clark

Social Media Strategist

AKA - Ms. I Got You

Lora Shipman

Social Media Manager

AKA - Social Media Ninja