The construction industry is a well regulated industry full of trained and experienced contractors and workers. However, this doesn’t change the fact that there are some common misconceptions that the general public might have about the construction industry. The following are a few common myths about the construction industry that you should ignore:

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Construction is just a bunch of workers with tools – The construction process is a little bit more complicated than just a man in a hardhat banging away with a hammer. Construction requires highly trained individuals, including town planners, economists, communicators, and engineers. Not to mention that advanced equipment is used in the construction process that is constantly evolving.

Anyone can be a construction worker – Finding a construction worker without a degree or a qualified trade is pretty difficult. Not only is it a very competitive field of work, but continual training is practically required. Construction workers are highly skilled, and apprenticeships are extremely coveted.

Construction is for people who can’t find employment elsewhere – This may have been true half a century ago, but this is no longer the case. It takes years of training and education to become qualified as a construction worker, and many choose it as their line of work because it is very rewarding: they get to use their mental and physical skills, and their efforts will manifest themselves physically in the form of buildings that will stand for years to come.

You can’t make much money in construction – Some of the most successful business ventures in the country have been large construction projects. In fact, the construction industry generates millions upon millions of dollars.

These are some myths about the construction industry that you should ignore. For a one-on-one consultation with a team experienced in construction marketing, contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions today.