Pay Per Click Advertising

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What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Also known as PPC, Pay-Per-Click advertising is a way of marketing your business on the internet. Each time a viewer clicks on your ad and comes to your site, you pay a fee. Essentially, you’re widening the exposure of your company. We perform PPC management NJ solutions that work in conjunction with search engine marketing to bring more prospective customers to your website.

Creating the strategy behind your PPC marketing.

We’re often asked, “What is PPC management all about?” The short answer is that a ton of research goes into an effective PPC campaign. We identify keywords that are strategically selected because of the services and products you sell. Using online tools, we then identify the most effective keywords from that group and organize campaigns designed to find the right customer for your business. We set up landing pages that are designed to further entice the viewer and collect important data

Targeting your audience in NJ.

By creating relevant PPC NJ ads that satisfy the needs of your audience, your pay-per-click fees are reduced and you get better results and higher profits. We perform these management tasks for you here in NJ so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Where do you place your pay-per-click ads?

Our PPC management team in NJ will have a conversation with you to analyze your business, your audience and where you will get the best results. The most popular system is on Google, but we might want to look at other PPC platforms and strategies available, depending on your audience.

Why work with LBMS?

It takes a lot of experience to build a revenue-driving PPC management strategy that works in NJ! We’ve worked with numerous businesses in many different industries. We can leverage our experience to produce a powerful PPC advertising campaign for your NJ business.

Still not convinced?

Consider this: 33% of searches in Google are related to local searches. And it’s generally the top 3 ads of a search that get 41% of the clicks on a page. PPC helps your business get found!
33% of searches in Google are related to local searches
Local search 33%
Top 3 ads of a search that get 41% of the clicks on a page.
Top 3 ads 41%

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