Denise Harris Online

Website Redesign


​Denise Harris Online

Production Date

October, 2017

Used Skills

HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP3


Website Redesign

Project Description

Denise Harris is an executive coach located in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  She was in search of a more professional looking website that will attract more of her ideal clientele who are looking for executive coaching and a better work-life balance. Her previous website did not express the essence of her companies image as a leader in her marketplace, therefore she hired LBMS to redesign their website. Using WordPress, JavaScript and CSS technology, we crafted a website that will highlight the crux of her image and be in a position to help more of her ideal customer. As a result of using our services, Denise Harris Online has been 100% satisfied with her new website and the added functionality we provided (Read her testimony here). She is now in a position to close more deals and actually hire more staff members to help service her growing client base.

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