Melvin White - Attorney at Law

Website Design


Melvin White – Attorney at Law

Production Date

December, 2018

Used Skills

HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP3


Website Design

Project Description

Mr. White is a partner with Berliner Corcoran & Rowe, LLP, a full-service law firm based in Washington, D.C. I am an honorably discharged veteran of the US Air Force, honors graduate of Morehouse College and graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law. After law school, I served for two years as law clerk for The Honorable G. Thomas Eisele, then Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court (E.D. Ark.), where I managed a docket with hundreds of federal cases.

He was given the opportunity to market his expertise externally from the firm, therefore, he immediately started to search for a reputable website design company.  Among other companies, he found LBMS. When they found us and gave us a detailed description of their immediate website needs, we immediately went to work. Using WordPress and CSS technology, we crafted a website that will highlight the essence of his newly formed firm. As a result of using our services, he has been able to land more sophisticated clientele and showcase their services with more confidence. 

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