Saint Michael College of Allied Health

Adwords, SEM Rush, Google Analytics.


Saint Michael College of Allied Health

Production Date

Since October 2013

Used Skills

Adwords, SEM Rush, Google Analytics


Online Marketing, Website Redesign

Project Description

Saint Michael College of Allied Health is a private, two-year postsecondary institution. The mission of the school is to provide entry-level allied health education to men and women from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Due to some new immerging schools, in late 2012 and early 2013, the school went through some difficulties attracting new students in both the Washington DC and Alexandria, VA campuses. They knew that a change was imminent, but didn’t have an idea as to how to come about that change. They then decided to search the internet for solutions to keep their campuses open. During their search, they found LBMS and immediately selected us as the company that was going to brand them as leaders in the industry. We have been working on their online marketing since 2013 and they have had both campuses, full to capacity, ever since. In fact, due to their online presence and consistent exposure, none of the other privately-owned schools in the area are in business. We helped they eliminate their competition.

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