Client Torres Renovation LLC
Production Date April, 2016
Used Skills HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP3

Project Description

Torres Renovation LLC is a home remodeling company based in the Washington DC metropolitan area. They were in search of gaining a bigger pie of the marketplace and needed a way to update their website so they can convey a more sophisticated message and attract a more sophisticated audience. When they tried to reach their old web designer, they were unable to reach them, so they turned to the internet in search of a new web design company. When they found us and gave us a detailed description of their immediate website needs, we immediately went to work.  Using WordPress and CSS technology, we crafted a website that will highlight the essence of the company. As a result of using our services, Torres Renovation has been able to land more sophisticated clientele and showcase theirs with more confidence as well. The website has also brought them more clients due to the internal SEO programmed in.