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Maria McPhilomy
Maria McPhilomy
Tue Aug 08 2017
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LBMS is a fantastic company that listens to their clients and prioritize their goals. I own a private language school in a very niche industry and thanks to LBMS I've been running my business successfully since 2013! Frank is one of a kind and really takes the time to get to know his clients, their industry and their exact needs. He's not one of those fast-talking flashy SEO guys that over promises unrealistic results. He is honest, transparent, attentive, knowledgeable, professional and takes the time to constantly research new trends in my industry in order to help me reach my enrollment goals. I also recently decided to have LBMS redesign my new website and my new logo and I can honestly say they went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. They listened to me rather than imposing their vision and were always responsive when I needed them. I highly recommend LBMS to any small business owner looking to grow their business and sustain the results.
Laura Gratton
Laura GrattonSun Feb 26 2017
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LBMS has been a godsend! They have helped me build 2 successful businesses with amazing online presence in a matter of no time. They are always accessible by phone, email or text. If you are looking to take your company to the next level.... or should I say "To THE TOP" Call LBMS for all of your marketing needs. I'm sure glad I Did!!!!
Heather Graves
Heather GravesFri Jul 01 2016
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Frank Demming and Local Business Marketing Solutions are kind, laser focused, detail-oriented, timely, personable and dependable. Frank and his team work to exceed client expectations at each and every step. We started off discussing ways in which I could achieve more visibility online, but the conversation organically progressed into solving greater items within my business. He has created a custom software program for me that has helped me organize my work load, which has in turn, allowed me to have better customer satisfaction and communication. Trust Frank and LBMS with you internet marketing goals. You are in the best hands!
Dylan Glanzer
Dylan GlanzerWed May 30 2018
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Frank and his team did an amazing, thorough and professional job redesigning my website. It is completely mobile ready and looks much easier to read and navigate on mobile devices. He kept the integrity of my site branding and totally updated it! His has a great sense of business marketing needs and is really helping my business to grow as well. His customer service is exemplary! Thank you so much!
Gayle Gruenberg
Gayle GruenbergFri May 25 2018
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Frank is the ultimate behind-the-scenes partner in my business. He knows what is in the best interests of his client, does what he says he's going to do, does it with integrity, and respects the person behind the budget. Frank patiently educates me about SEO, analytics, and other bodies of knowledge related to the back end of running a successful firm. In less than 3 months, he took me from the far depths of search engines to the top places! I feel confident and reassured putting my marketing into Frank's hands. I'm grateful that a mutual associate introduced us, and I look forward to a very long and fruitful business relationship with Frank and his team.
Wendi Schenkel
Wendi SchenkelSat Dec 09 2017
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Sales +23% YTD on my eComm store! TY Frank Demming for AdWords & PPC -Better results than I've experienced with any other campaigns, including those that I've paid big money for.