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To create a successful ad campaign, you need to put the elements and concepts together. Ensure you make the copy, targeting, and creative in advance before setting up the campaign. The objective is to create ads that communicate to the target audience.

AD Grid

The strategic approach that creates campaigns that are in tune with the interests and temperature of the target audience is the Ad grid. First, identify the types of audience you are targeting in advance and a hook to capture their attention. Next, the grid is created in an Excel or Google sheet. Finally, when the spreadsheet is ready, you will plan, implement and scale the campaign.

Identify avatars

Avatars are profiles for a specific person that may be interested in your offer. For example, it could be a consultant, entrepreneur, or college student. Avatars in a campaign vary from the avatars for a business. In every traffic campaign, you can create two to four different avatars. Look at your offer to decide on the best avatars to use and figure out the various types of people who may benefit and need it. Each type will be a campaign avatar.

Identify the hooks

The audience needs to know what is the most attractive part of your offer. The benefit of your offer can be used as a hook to capture the attention of the audience. To create a good theme, it has to be able to answer the outcomes. What changes happen to the audience when they consume the offer? How do they feel once they accept the offer? How did I change their regular day? Do consumers become better people after the offer? Are there proof and results that validate your offer? You do not need to create a hook for every outcome, but be creative and indicate various benefits that will make your avatars interested. Once you have a theme, you can enter them on the columns of your grid.

Designing an Ad copy

Have segmented messaging in every cell on the spreadsheet, with each targeting a hook and an avatar. Since the grid communicates the targeted hooks and avatars, you can write the ad copy or outsource it. Every segment needs to have a unique ad copy. For example, if you have four avatars and five hooks, you will write 20 ads. Your ad gird will show you how much you need to write.

Designing Ad Creative

The visual element used in every ad is called creative. For each hook, you need one creative. Check what comes up when you do a Google image search of the keywords of the theme. The top images show you what people imagine when they hear a keyword. That should be your inspiration but avoid copying. You want to design original videos or pictures that associate with your keyword and have the feel and look of your brand.

Set Up Ads

You already have everything you need for the ad campaign. Now you can set up your ads and use the grid to help you build every ad. Turn the ds on and run them for at least a week. When you start getting results, you can collect your metrics. The purpose and the temperature of your targeting will ensure the metric success.


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