Social Media Can Have a Big Impact on Small Business

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Social Media Can Have a Big Impact on Small Business

In this century, nothing has had more impact on small business development and success than social media. If you aren’t maximizing how social media can boost your business, the time is NOW. You explain to your customers why it’s best they utilize a professional company — yours — to develop and deliver sustainable and high quality home improvement, right? The same is true for your social media development.
Here are some advantages of professional marketing management:
Customer Relationship and Retention
Developing a large, loyal customer base is any businesses’ primary goal. Keeping them, thanking them, and reminding them of your relationship leads to customer loyalty, which generates word-of-mouth recommendations and a reputation for better service delivery. All of this can be performed across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.
Facebook and Twitter
There are over 600 million potential customers on these websites every day, and their feedback and conversations on your page will reach more potential clients than the best-designed and distributed flier ever.
Customized Market Research for the Competitive Advantage
Small Businesses work hard to develop a niche in their marketplace. A professional social media market strategy needs to be developed to set you apart from competitors, and to identify any negative advertising and noise you may be garnering in comment sections and ongoing feeds.
Two of the most memorable examples of negative marketing were the luggage company that showed luggage falling out of an airplane and surviving the impact (Nobody wants ANYTHING to fall out of an airplane!) and the recreational vehicle sales company that featured lines of RVs driving into the dealership (Why return to the dealership except –repairs?). A professional social media strategist should identify your competitors’ business strategies and develop tactics that will give you the edge.
Local Business Marketing Solutions can help you learn more about how social media can boost your business’ brand and online presence. Contact us today and request a free quote.
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