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Remodeling is nothing short of an art.  Whether you’re starting with raw materials or a pre-existing structure, your end goal is to create something new that will be aesthetically pleasing and in many cases, functional.
For a new client, there are two main factors that go into the process of selecting a remodeling company– cost and quality.  On the onset, these two factors may seem equal, but in truth they’re far from it. In fact, quality, or the perception of quality, can be the driving force that makes a person dig into their 401k prematurely to pay for a new renovation.  This is key when considering how to market you remodeling business. So, what can you do to consistently show off your company’s high quality work?local business marketing
Pinterest – the artist’s gallery.
If you’ve never used Pinterest, consider it the digital version of an art gallery, but with more features and an exponentially wider reach. Pinterest allows you to create boards, similar to the bulletin boards you might see in an office, where you can post content related to a specific theme.  For example, a board related to remodeling might include before and after pictures of your most recent projects, videos of your team in the field, and infographics offering free remodeling tips. The possibilities are endless.  And the best part, similar to other social networks, is that there’s a built in comments section that allows you to engage with anyone who visits your page. High touch visibility, engagement, and lead generation all rolled into one!  (here’s a short video directly from the website that will give you more detail about how it works)
Even better reasons to use Pinterest are that it’s free and serves a predominantly female demographic.  To this last point, consider that many stay-at-home moms serve as the guardians of their homes, constantly observing and making decisions on what needs to be fixed, replaced, or remodeled next.
Figuring out how to market your remodeling business can be a challenge. Pinterest is just one of the incredible resources that you can use to increase your exposure and interact with new potential clients.  At LBMS, we’re committed to helping you build your online brand.  Yes, we can set up and manage your Pinterest page and other social media accounts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We work with remodeling companies to help them figure out their needs and what digital tools they should be using to consistently provide increased value to their customers.
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