One of the more important factors in successfully marketing your construction company is to build loyalty amongst your clients and to build a reputation for high quality work as well as excellent customer service. One of the best strategies for doing this is by using client success stories.


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Client success stories, or case studies as they are generally called, help provide a clearer look into what your company has to offer. Potential customers will be able to see how you met the needs of previous clients and what value they received via your client success stories. This type of message helps to reduce any concerns that potential clients might have about working with you. Not to mention that stories about your company that come straight from your previous clients offer much more credibility than simply listing your company’s qualifications.

So, how exactly can you expose potential customers to your client success stories? There are actually a number of ways. You can simply release a client success story in the form of written content and put it on your website, either directly on the website or in a downloadable PDF form. You could also go the extra step and film your client success stories by interviewing previous clients on video and releasing it on your company’s YouTube channel in addition to your website, and then share the video on your other social media profiles.

When creating your client success story, there are several elements you’ll want to include. This includes who your clients were, what challenges they were facing, how you helped them overcome these challenges and what the outcome of the project was. Try to get these things across in a friendly and conversational tone.

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