Using LinkedIn to Grow Revenue in Your Construction Business

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Using LinkedIn to Grow Revenue in Your Construction Business

LinkedIn is considered the professional social media network and is largely touted for its ability to network with other professionals and industry leaders, as well as a great way to recruit new employees when you’re ready to grow your construction company or to fill an open position. But did you realize LinkedIn is a revenue generator?
Using LinkedIn To Grow Revenue is Easier Than You Might Think
Business With LinkedIn
There are several ways your construction company can begin using LinkedIn to grow revenue. These days you have to be found to connect with other people. Once you’re found, the information viewed in your social media profiles can make or break their decision to hire you, and all of these relationships have both direct and indirect effects on revenue.
Complete Your Profile. The more detailed and complete your profile is, the more interesting and attractive it is to those who are curious. Plus, those who have complete LinkedIn profiles are 40 percent more likely to be found. Do include a photograph. Make sure you list your education/training, certifications, and your last two positions/employers.
Don’t be shy with your skills and expertise. This isn’t a time to be shy, or to assume that others will understand that a contractor is also good at carpentry, or remodeling, or energy-efficient upgrades. Round out the Skills & Expertise categories as completely as you can. It will increase your chances of being found.
Connect with others. Join groups. Search for your professional contacts and clients. The more people you connect with, the more attractive you become to prospective clients, B2B or B2C, because you appear to them as an industry expert.
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