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Whether you are starting as a web developer or have a truckload of programming experience, there is room for growth. The development of good habits will help boost your skills and advance your career. Below are tips on how to be a good web developer.

Look for new learning opportunities

Despite your years of experience as a web developer, programming is a continuous learning process. New technologies and frameworks are developed daily; to stay on top of the game, you need to be informed. So, embrace a reading culture and use extensive blogs and magazines to learn the latest trends.

Partner in open-source projects

Working on your one project gives you a tunnel vision. By coding during working hours, you limit your development opportunities. To grow as a web developer., do coding as a hobby you derive joy from. Focus on open-source. Some websites allow contributions to open-source projects. Assisting other web developers to find solutions to their problems will improve your creativity and problem-solving talents. As a bonus, it hikes your CV as a developer. By doing an excellent job on open-source projects, you will develop a reputation in the development industry, opening new work opportunities.

Perform Code Review

Some businesses have a culture of code review. For a code to be pushed, the developers share it to get feedback. If this process is already in place where you work, you are fortunate. If it is not in place, you can start it. Doing a code review picks up issues in the code before they become bugs on a site. You dedicate more thought to why you create the code the way you did. By explaining and defending how you chose to solve a problem, you can reflect on the reason for your choices. Additionally, you identify and get rid of bad habits and learn a new skill.

Document Properly

Always comment on your code. You may need to make references in the future; therefore, documentation is vital. If we lived in an ideal world, then code would be written for human readability then later done for machine interpretation. Sometimes a code cannot be simplified further. It is during these times that commenting is essential. Through your comments, you explain the what, how, and why of the codebase and helps fellow developers to understand.

Commenting gives you time for self-reflection and code assessment. It also offers a valuable guide for the future if you set the project aside, intending to improve on it later. It helps to consider different views and ways of doing things; such an approach gives you a much wider picture of what you need to do to complete your project successfully.

Code for a purpose

Writing a code means a solution to a problem. Identify why you are writing a code and what you hope to achieve. Coding efforts translate to the business effort. If the project is freelance, ensure you understand the business objectives and aspirations of the clients before you code. This is the best way to find out if what you are creating will have the desired outcome.

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