There are many factors that determine the impact of your business’ online presence. In internet marketing, there are various platforms for interacting with your users. There are also regular changes being made to search algorithms! From SEO and Social Media Marketing to PPC Advertising and Website Design, a business has to put their best foot forward in every way to gather eyes and attention of their online users. It becomes very important to work progressively on the online presence of your business to stay ahead in the competition. Website design plays a very important role, and yet it is often one of the first projects to be ignored.

The digital world is moving too fast. It seems like yesterday when having a website was considered a big thing. Right now, there are many elements that you have to consider for a business to maintain an authoritative online presence. Besides having good content on your website, its overall design matters if you want to generate meaningful leads for your business. A normal user spends mere 50 milliseconds deciding on the visual appeal of your web pages. Within this short timespan, the user interface and website design of has more impact than the content on your website. There are many other factors that affect the overall user experience such as website optimization, ease of navigation, the design of tag elements, and visual appeal.

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Here are a few reasons why website design matters for your business.

Ease Of Navigation

The easier the navigation from point A to point B on your website, the better the user experience. Website design includes putting on labels on your website’s content and creating a relevant sitemap. For instance, most of the visitors tend to expect some kind of contact information on the homepage of a business’ website.

Design Elements

The overall visual appeal of your website plays a very important role in keeping your visitors interested and bringing in conversions. A poorly designed website is bound to create poor user experiences and “88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience”. Therefore, it is important to keep the user interface visually appealing and user-friendly.

Loading Time: Google Speed Update

Google launched its Speed Update in July 2018 saying that it prioritizes websites based on their loading speed. This means putting aside everything that affects user experiences and concentrating on Search Engine Optimization. There are many tools that help us monitor the bounce rates, and helps you determine the loading speed and related bugs to Google Speed Update. Read this article about How One Second Could Cost Amazon $1.6 Billion In Sales!

Responsive Website Design

This is one of the most important aspects of website design. With an increase in the usage of mobile devices to access the Internet, it is now imperative to keep your business’ website mobile-friendly. From tablets to smartphones of different screen sizes, your business’ website should adapt to the screens of different types of mobile devices and provide a good visual experience.

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