What You Should Know About Email Marketing Topics

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What You Should Know About Email Marketing Topics

Do you understand the basics of email marketing? You may know what subject lines generate the most open rates or the type of content that drives higher click-through rates, but that information is all dependent on the idea that your email found its intended target in the first place.
For that reason, learning some of the more technical aspects of how email marketing works can boost the success of your email campaigns. Taking the time to learn about the following email marketing topics may boost responses and activity from your contact list:
Delivery. There are many technical acronyms that can be easy to gloss over when you come across them:
DNS – Domain Name Server
SMTP – Simple Mail Transport Protocol
RBL/URIBL – Realtime Blackhole list
Understanding what these terms mean and how they apply to the emails you send is instrumental in reaching the widest audience possible. Sit down with your tech people and have them explain it to you. The information you glean may tweak how you go about your email marketing for your business.
Email display. Most of us on the marketing side of things know about HTML basics. But do you truly understand how website HTML and email HTML are different? Did you even know they were different? For example, the same HTML codes that create awesome symbols in your blogs may not work in your email subject lines and will send valuable newsletters into spam folders.
Statistics. The majority of creative types aren’t so interested in the numbers, but those statistics sure are important for effective marketing. At the very least, open and click-through rates are worth noting so you can identify the subject, character-lengths, offers, and keywords that generate interest in your followers.
Need to get a grip on the more technical aspects of email marketing? Schedule a one-on-one consultation with us and we’ll set you straight. Contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions for more information about the basics of email marketing.

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