Why Does My Small Business Need a Website?

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Why Does My Small Business Need a Website?

Asking why a small business needs a website is like asking why businesses needed a Yellow Pages listing 20 years ago. The internet is where people go to find what they’re looking for. While Yelp or Google review results provide basic contact information, most prospective customers want more.
Prospective customers and layman researching your business want a clickable site they can go to to get a sense of who you are, and, since first impressions are lasting, a cheap, poorly formatted and/or unattractive website will do more harm than good. Not only does your small business need a website, it needs one that is searchable, eye-catching, and optimized for the mobile era.
What is a searchable website?
Think about how you find information you need online. You choose a contracted version of a complete sentence such as, “best mechanic Glendale” or “get red wine out of carpet.” Search results are ranked by how applicable the website is to your query. A website design company does market research to glean keywords and phrases used most often to find you, and they will make sure your content reflects those keywords so it’s found – and ranked well – by web crawlers.
What makes a website attractive?
Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are universal website design elements that matter, including graphics and images, color combinations, and balance of text, images and white space. Website design uses best practices to provide a product that is both aesthetically pleasing, easy on the eyes, and intuitive to navigate.
What is a mobile-friendly website?
Ever landed on a website that looks terrible on your smartphone or tablet? That’s an old school web design that can’t format to meet the receiving device’s needs. In an era where the majority of internet users access the net on their gadgets, a mobile-friendly website is critical.
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