Why You Need a Successful Construction Website

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Why You Need a Successful Construction Website

As technology has improved, so has the construction industry. This means that now is a good time to review your construction company’s website – not only should you make sure that the website accurately represents what your company does; you should also take a look at some of the websites of your competitors. To help ensure that your website is effective as possible, use the following tips on how to make a construction website:
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Use photos – Use large photos on your website – your visitors are going to want to see the details. Not to mention that most people would rather scroll through photos, then read text. Just make sure that you test the resolution of the photos beforehand. Photos that are too big will take too long to load. Don’t forget to write descriptions below the photos, as well.
Make navigation easy – Nothing is more frustrating for visitors than not knowing how to navigate through your website. You should be able to navigate by industry and project type.
Update your website – You should continuously update your website by adding projects that you’ve finished and by including interim progress reports. You could even add live webcam feeds for long-term projects that will take a few years to finish.
Add a blog – Enlist writers who regularly release content for your blog about industry news and advice. You may want to outsource your blog to make things more efficient. Remember, a poorly written blog will reflect badly on your company’s quality.
Add client portals – Allow clients to login so that they can get details on their projects and status updates. Provide a feedback mechanism, as well.
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