Any business owner knows 1,000 leads means nothing if none of those leads become hard sales. Quality always trumps quantity, and the same is true with social media for businesses. You can have 20,000 Facebook followers but if they aren’t really engaged, then their likes mean nothing. Instead of trying to get a specific quantity of followers, try to attract the types of followers that are most likely to invest in your products and services.


That’s what it takes to experience the real potential of social media marketing. In her article, Social Media For Your Business: Quality Over Quantity, Yasmin Bendror says, “…once you hit 1,000 fans, your fan growth will start to happen more organically, if you are having meaningful conversations with your followers.” And, that’s the key: creating social media content, offers, and surveys that inspire meaningful conversations.

Don’t buy followers. If you aren’t attracting your followers organically, you end up with a plethora of followers who may not even be real, live in other countries and could care less about your company. That’s not ideal and your business will not benefit in the least.

Post regularly. The ideal is to post multiple times per day across the social media spectrum, but not at the expense of quality content. Quality should be your first priority and regularity your second.

Be genuine. Don’t copy what others are doing and saying. This is no way to build brand recognition. Your company should have its own voice and energy, and that’s what your followers will respond to.

Scrutinize your own content. Take an objective step back and analyze your most recent social media postings. Would they inspire you? If not, it’s a sure sign you need to revamp your approach.

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