If Your Business Runs on Email, You Need a Mobile Site

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If Your Business Runs on Email, You Need a Mobile Site

A mobile website is essential in an era when the majority of those with online access utilize mobile devices to get online. It’s especially important if your business runs on email, since many people receive their email alerts on their smartphones. Mobile-friendly websites ensure your newsletters, promotional material and general messages are read rather than deleted due to a cumbersome format.
Don’t underestimate the importance of developing a mobile website. Whether your site visitors are using their laptop, smart phone, or eReader, a mobile site design ensures your website and digital promotional materials appear as well-formatted and aesthetically pleasing as you intended them to. This article from Campaign Monitor articulates the importance of developing a mobile website, particularly in regards to email marketing.Mobile site
Mobile email access trumps desktop views. After analyzing data from nearly 100 clients, which came to around 130 million data points over six months, the experts at Return Path found that mobile email usage is steadily increasing. Combine this with the fact that experts say mobile online searches will trump desktop searches by 2015, and you can see why mobile website design is so critical. If your site can’t be easily viewed and navigated on a mobile device, your company is missing out on a significant portion of the market share.
Android is catching up. Apple devices have continued to dominate the mobile device market with their iPhone and iPad devices; however, gaps between Apple and Android are closing swiftly. Your email campaigns should be optimized for all mobile platforms.
Learn your clients’ email behavior. Did you know most people read their emails first thing in the morning, in bed? Researching client attitudes/behaviors around email marketing can greatly enhance your mobile techniques to increase click-through rates.
Developing a mobile website is the key to increasing your email marketing ROI.

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